Jun 14

Props for Kenzo

Props custom made for the Kenzo catalogue; linge de maison 2014. These are special build props, so there wouldn’t be a lot of photoshop involved. I almost looks flat, but it’s all 3-dimensional. The wave forms for the towels are made underneath from cardboard rolls. The metal hanger (it’s a whole hidden frame) and rod are also hand made ​​in our Set Design Studio in Amsterdam.

We were asked by Florence Moll from Paris to build these sets for their upcoming catalogue. (Almost…) No Photoshop was needed for the following results. Photographer Qiu Yang has a real clean approach to his subjects, it looks strange doesn’t it?
Bath and bedding for Kenzo Bath and bedding for Kenzo Bath and bedding for Kenzo Bath and bedding for Kenzo Bath and bedding for KenzoPhotography: Qiu Yang
Make-up: Yvonne Nusdorfer
Styling: Sabin Kech
Prop Design Gloudy Set Design

Jun 14

Backdrops for Wehkamp magazine

Gloudy makes almost every month new Sets and Backdrops for the Wehkamp.nl site and their magazine. Wehkamp.nl is a large Dutch online retailer and has it’s own magazine. Sometimes we make just a plain backdrop, painted in one color, sometimes a whole set with windows in it, or here with an old fence and a fake concrete floor. Each set is based on a different theme, provided by the Art Directors from Wehkamp. These are the pictures from the team of Petra Steenkamer, all sets are custom made in Petra’s studio in Amsterdam-Noord, where 6 meters width is the widest set possible. Sometimes even a bit small for all the furniture and stuff we have to show in the images.
backdrop fence and concrete look floor jungle set design herringbone backdrop set painted backdrop painted panelingTEAM:
Photographer: Petra Steenkamer
Styling: Marjolein Vonk
Sets /Backdrops: Gloudy