Apr 18

Set Designer in Amsterdam

Looking for a experienced Set Designer in Amsterdam? Search for Gloudy and maybe you’ll find just the setbuilder you where looking for… We design, make, paint, build, sculpting all kind of Sets and Props. We make specialized set designs for your Commercials, Photo shoots, Backdrops, Maquettes or 3D models. We’re now working with a big CNC cutter machine, so we’re even better and more precise than ever.
Although this site is still accurate, it will not be updated. There are still several nice projects to watch. For our newer works and updates, please check our new builded website.

set designer, sets and props, set building, decorbouw, decors, setbouw, rekwisieten

set designer, sets and props, set building / NL: decorbouw, decors, set bouw, rekwisieten

Thank’s for now,
Gloudy & Sons