Apr 18

Set Designer in Amsterdam

Looking for a experienced Set Designer in Amsterdam? Search for Gloudy and maybe you’ll find just the setbuilder you where looking for… We design, make, paint, build, sculpting all kind of Sets and Props. We make specialized set designs for your Commercials, Photo shoots, Backdrops, Maquettes or 3D models. We’re now working with a big CNC cutter machine, so we’re even better and more precise than ever.
Although this site is still accurate, it will not be updated. There are still several nice projects to watch. For our newer works and updates, please check our new builded website.

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set designer, sets and props, set building / NL: decorbouw, decors, set bouw, rekwisieten

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Gloudy & Sons

Jun 15

Concrete for Louis Vuitton

For the Louis Vuitton campaign ‘Mon Damier Graphite’ we had to make interiors in concrete, wich is one of our specialties. In this project we custom made; backdrops, floors, walls and props. All are handmade in different concrete looks. Painted, sculpered and prepared in our studio in Amsterdam. It’s build up in the nice and warm Umsjatka studio in Amsterdam, where we could change and combine the different backdrops on spot. It’s a concrete jungle, but with a lot of class and style. I hope you can enjoy these clean but beautiful images.

Set Design for Louis Vuitton- Mon Damier GraphiteSet Design for Louis Vuitton- Mon Damier GraphiteSet Design for Louis Vuitton- Mon Damier GraphiteSet Design for Louis Vuitton- Mon Damier GraphiteSet Design for Louis Vuitton- Mon Damier GraphiteSet Design for Louis Vuitton- Mon Damier GraphiteSet Design for Louis Vuitton- Mon Damier Graphite
AGENT: iDm-Isabelle Decamps Management
STUDIO: Umsjatka

Jun 14

Backdrops for Wehkamp magazine

Gloudy makes almost every month new Sets and Backdrops for the Wehkamp.nl site and their magazine. Wehkamp.nl is a large Dutch online retailer and has it’s own magazine. Sometimes we make just a plain backdrop, painted in one color, sometimes a whole set with windows in it, or here with an old fence and a fake concrete floor. Each set is based on a different theme, provided by the Art Directors from Wehkamp. These are the pictures from the team of Petra Steenkamer, all sets are custom made in Petra’s studio in Amsterdam-Noord, where 6 meters width is the widest set possible. Sometimes even a bit small for all the furniture and stuff we have to show in the images.
backdrop fence and concrete look floor jungle set design herringbone backdrop set painted backdrop painted panelingTEAM:
Photographer: Petra Steenkamer
Styling: Marjolein Vonk
Sets /Backdrops: Gloudy

Apr 14

Backdrops and props for Cosmo Hairstyling

We created different sets for Cosmo Hairstyling. The backdrops and props make the illusion of different interiors. These images are being used by Cosmo for indoor banners, magazine and on their site. Using a strong color palette. Here’s a look in Cosmo’s magazine Lookism.
Cosmo NomadsCosmo Fantasie Cosmo_sports

Art Direction: Geert-Jan Renzen
Photography: Klaas Jan Kliphuis
Styling: Xaviera Aubri
Set Design by Gloudy

Apr 14

Cardboard props (video)

Voor de Zeeman campagne hebben we ook de sets en props voor de commercial gemaakt: De props zijn bijvoorbeeld; wolken en regendruppels, boeren hek, doelpalen, scheepstoeter, tonijn, zwembadje, teckel, ijsjes, boom cut out, kussens,…en dat alles in karton. These cardboard props are all custom made, hieronder is de commercial:

raindropsDirector: Marijke de Gruyter
DOP: Ezra Reverda
Reclame buro: Persuade
Styling: Jet Vervest
Props & Set Design: Gloudy